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Together let's get to work on your confidence, your machine control and your awareness. So, whether you have just passed your licence or you're a seasoned rider. Either way, we have the knowledge to elevate your riding ability to the next level.
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This is the perfect Motorbike course. So many advantages all in one place. location, roads, weather, motorbikes and more importantly inspiring learning. 3 to 7 days of exhilarating, unrivalled learning to gain skills and memories that will guide you for a lifetime.
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Ever wondered how your motorcycle works and what makes it all come together. The MotoCare course is designed with the customer in mind. Understand the importance of how, why and what is important for your motorcycle.
Advanced Motorcycle Courses


The Professional Gearheads

Advanced Motorcycle Course

Our goal is simple. Through our Advanced Motorcycle Course, we want every motorcyclist on the road today to gain a vital riding advantage.

We believe every rider should have the opportunity to enjoy their amazing motorbikes to the maximum. So, together we will explore your boundaries and push for new horizons.

The MotoIntell Advanced Motorcycle Course is designed to give you all the tools and knowledge to become a true professional.  After all, our many years of qualified teaching have shown us that the only thing stopping a student, is the student.

Learn new skills & Revive others

MotoIntell’s Advanced Motorcycle Training is designed to be flexible to each and every student. Some riders with little or no experience will want to continue to develop their skill. They want to ride more assertively but without relinquishing any safety. Some more experienced riders will want to adapt to new skills or maybe just refresh their ideas. Wherever you’re starting from, our Advanced Motorcycle Training courses have you covered. Together we will make it a reality.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We want to hear from you.
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🇬🇧 mind blowing techniques and ideas. I had a great day. 😎👌

Triumph Scrambler- UK Licence 2012

🇪🇸 experiencias han sido super constructivas

Kawasaki Z800 -Spain Licence 2015

🇮🇹 Highly recommended, Simon is very skilled.

Triumph Speed - Italy Licence 2008
Tan Tai

🇫🇷 He took the time to assess my skills

Suzuki Intruder - Vietnam Licence 2011

🇪🇸 He focus on your movements, attitude and skills

KTM Super Adventure - Spain Licence 2007

🇨🇿 Nejlepší motoškola na světě.

BMW 1250 GS - Czechoslovakia Licence 2016

🇪🇸 you won't find a better instructor.

Yamaha Tracer - Spain Licence 2015

Knowledge has
a beginning
but no end.

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You’ve done your research, spoken to all you biker fiends. You have even purchased your motorcycle and decided now is the time to take the plunge after a long absence. It’s an amazing feeling. Welcome back my friend! Why this Advanced Motorcycle Course, Firstly, you’re no longer driving a car and motorcycles have a very unique relationship with traffic. Secondly, motorcycle technology has moved on so much in the last few years, acceleration, weight, tyres, brakes and suspension. Thirdly, let’s sprinkle your reaction time and reflex to this recipe and I am sure you will agree a Advanced Motorcycle Course is a wise choice.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira


You have accumulated thousands of miles, but somehow you still feel apprehensive as you approach that bend. Your either too fast or too slow, your eyes stay fixated on the wrong target. Your gearing needs improvement and every cell in your body reminds you of the damp wet surface you’re riding on. The tension in your body is crippling and the stress in your mind is paralysing. At this point most rational humans would give up, but you, you LOVE the ride too much and you know there’s a better way. There is, MotoIntell Advanced Motorcycle Course.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira


You got your licence, you got your motorcycle, you purchased all the kit and have been building up the miles every chance you get. You feel there’s something missing, something your old Instructor never tough you when training for your road licence. Well, your perception is correct. You see, at the time of your test you only had one objective in mind and that was to past a driving test. That training served you well but it’s time to move forward with an Advanced Motorcycle Course.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira

Maximum awareness & information

r a c i n g

Motorcycle Product Review


Comfort for your motorcycle no matter the distance or time spent on the ride.

The AirRider seat is an amazing invention which will transform any motorbike into a super comfortable long-distance mile cruncher. Extremely simple to fit this amazing must-have motorcycle accessory comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and Large. The AirRider’s most unique feature by far is its functionality. Working on external air pressure alone this amazing cushion has no need for any batteries or air canister. The AirRiders most impressive feature is that you can decrease the air pressure even on the move and is adjustable to any body size and body weight.<br /> If you are serious about riding you have to take a closer look at the AirRider.</p> <p>An absolute must for any serious biker.


There is a difference between teaching and learning. Teaching is showing whilst learning is doing and I am only successful if I get you to learn. If anything, I want to inspire you and awaken your curiosity. I want you to think beyond what you believe are your limits and discover new talents you never though existed.


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