Terms & Conditions

London MotoIntell ERS Course


Barcelona Advance MotoIntell Course


1.1 You will need to bring your driving licence and a copy/email confirmation of your insurance documents. (failure to do so could invalidate your booking and loss of payment)

1.2 You must make us aware of any medical conditions that could affect your ability to control a motorcycle.


2.1 You agree to be fully clothed with the appropriate motorcycle clothing and roadworthy helmet. (failure to do so could invalidate your booking and loss of payment)

2.2 You agree to inspect your tyre treat for any penetrating objects 24 hours before the course starts.

2.3 You agree to make sure your vehicle is fully road legal with the laws of the country you are riding in.


3.1 14 days’ notice is required to postpone your booking date free of charge.

3.2 7 days’ notice is required to postpone your booking date with a £50 admin fee.

3.3 Cancelations within 48 hours’ notice will incur a 100% charge.

3.4 Your start location along with start time will be confirmed via email. Should you be more than 30 min late for your start appointment your course will be cancelled and unfortunately, you will forfeit your course fee.


4.1 You need to be able to read a number plate at 20.3m. (failure to do so will invalidate your booking and loss of payment)

4.2 You agree to turn up for your motorcycle course fully rested.

4.3 Should at any time during your course you feel unwell you MUST find a safe place to stop and inform your instructor immediately.


5.1 Alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) could impair your ability to ride your motorcycle so please bear this in mind before your course.  If you are suspected of being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, the course will be immediately cancelled with the loss of course fees paid. If you are in the middle of a multi-day course your course will be terminated and all funds remaining for the course will be lost.

5.2 You agree to complete a Breathalyzer/Drug test if requested by your Instructor. If required and you refuse your instructor may cancel your course and you will forfeit the remainder of your course fees with no refund.


6.1 Your safety is our priority; hence you agree to not execute (whether instructed too or not) any manoeuvres on your motorcycle that you are uncomfortable with or you feel are too dangerous.


7.1 Should your motorcycle breakdown during your course we will try to re-arrange your course for an admin fee of £50.

7.2 Should you receive a puncture during your course we will re-arrange your course for an admin fee of £50.


8.1 We will give you the best available motorcycle training available, guaranteed. We will treat you with respect to empathy and do everything in our power to truly develop your riding ability.

8.2 We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your course, we will offer you a complete refund. (due to external costs which are outside of our control we cannot include “Barna Fly-In Courses” within this clause)

Barna FLY-IN Advanced Course


9.1 You will accurately inform us of your arrival and departure flight numbers and any consequent changes to your travel arrangements.

9.2 Should your flight be delayed or cancelled we will endeavour to reassemble you into our course schedule.

However, no refunds can be advanced for missed elements of the course.

9.3 You agree to call our contact number should your airport transfer not be present at pick-up.


10.1 Unless you have purchased the fully comprehensive insurance add on you agree to the full terms of the motorcycle rental agreement. (a copy of which will be included in your welcome pack)

10.2 Penalty fines are your responsibility and will be forwarded to your address.

10.3 You shall treat your Vehicle as though it was your own. If you feel there is anything misaligned or miss adjusted on your motorcycle you will inform your Instructor immediately.

10.4 We endeavour to keep you on the road; hence we only use new or fairly new motorbikes. In the unlikely even your motorcycle breaks down we will replace it as soon as possible but we will not be able to refund you any fees due to any time lost on the road.

10.5 You agree to immediately inform your instructor anytime your petrol gauge falls below a quarter full.


11.1 You agree to treat the accommodation as though it was your own.

11.2 The apartment complex is within a secure environment with 24-hour security so check-in of all guess will be required.

11.3 You agree to abide by all the rules of the rental accommodation a copy of which is included in your welcome pack.

Should you need any further clarification of our Terms & Conditions please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, either by email or phone.

We look forward to meeting you and together developing your rider skill even further.

MotoIntell ACADEMY


There is a difference between teaching and learning. Teaching is showing whilst learning is doing and I am only successful if I get you to learn. If anything, I want to inspire you and awaken your curiosity. I want you to think beyond what you believe are your limits and discover new talents you never though existed.


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