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This is the perfect Motorbike course. So many advantages all in one place. location, roads, weather, motorbikes and more importantly inspiring learning. 3 to 7 days of exhilarating, unrivalled learning to gain skills and memories that will guide you for a lifetime.

Barcelona has THE best motorcycle roads

Our Advanced Motorcycle Training Barcelona course will enable you to develop your riding skill even further. And where better to develop those riding skills than using some of the best motorcycling roads in Europe. Only those who live and ride in Catalunya know how exceptionally lucky they are to have such amazing tarmac, incredible scenery and unbelievably reliable weather.

Learn new skills & Revive others

MotoIntell’s Advanced Motorcycle Training Barcelona is designed to be flexible to each and every student. Some riders with little or no experience will want to continue to develop their skill, ride more assertively but without relinquishing any safety. Some more experienced riders will want to adapt to new skills or maybe just refresh their ideas. Wherever you’re starting from, our Advanced Motorcycle Training Barcelona course has you covered.

Our Goal Your Reward

We aim to show you a side to learning to ride a motorcycle we are sure you have never experienced. Long gone are the days where instructors give orders and students just repeat on commands. At MotoIntell we understand every student is unique. Every student has a different riding history, different riding experience, different fear threshold and more importantly, every student has different riding goals.

Empathy, patience and Humour

Come join us at our Advance Motorcycle Training Course Barcelona. As nothing gives us more pride than seeing a rider grow and develop. No matter where you are today, we have all been there. Because we have all started somewhere. Furthermore, at MotoIntell we strongly believe that learning to ride should always be enlightening but most of all, fun. Trust your instincts.

Our Main Focus

With a MotoIntell Advanced Motorcycle Training Barcelona Course, you and your Motorcycle are our main focus. Our goal is not only to explain the how’s and why’s a motorcycle performs the way it does. But to also concentrate on the most vital element of your Motorcycle. YOU. Together we will elevate your riding ability and give you a unique training program that will allow you to develop at your own pace. Hence, unlike many other motorcycle courses, we teach according to your requirements, not ours. After all, the reward you are looking for is already within you. We just need to encourage it to grow.


Just some of the elements we cover

🇪🇸 you won't find a better instructor.

Customized riding classes with a great 'know how' of how to ride safely and enjoy deeply of this fantastic world of motorbikes. If you want to improve your skills riding a motorbike you won't find a better instructor. As Simon always says, ride easy and safe. With him you will know how. You will discover amazing things. Very recommended!

Yamaha Tracer - Spain Licence 2015

🇨🇿 Nejlepší motoškola na světě.

🇨🇿 Nejlepší motoškola na světě.

BMW 1250 GS - Czechoslovakia Licence 2016

🇪🇸 He focus on your movements, attitude and skills

Nice guy & talented teacher. He focus on your movements, attitude and skills recording from your back and showing your mistakes. Clear improvement, cool roads to ride.

KTM Super Adventure - Spain Licence 2007

🇫🇷 He took the time to assess my skills

I took a private lesson with Simon as I was not comfortable to drive anymore after a crash. He took the time to assess my skills and made sure I mastered the basics (slow speed control, balance) before gradually building up, at my pace. I am now riding much better than before, and with confidence. Recommended, 100%.

Suzuki Intruder - Vietnam Licence 2011

🇮🇹 Highly recommended, Simon is very skilled.

Highly recommended, Simon is very skilled. I had my drivers license 10 years ago, then I stopped to ride a bike for years. Recently I decided to go back on the road, he helped me a lot to get rid of the bad habits, to drive safely and with fun. He cares about your life and your bike like a big brother, teaching you and sharing with you all the necessaries information for making the most from the two wheels.

Triumph Speed - Italy Licence 2008
Tan Tai

🇪🇸 experiencias han sido super constructivas

He hecho dos classes con Simon, una particular y la otra en grupo. Ambas experiencias han sido super constructivas. He ganado no solo en manejo y velocidad, también he ganado seguridad, me ha ayudado mucho a mejorar la trazada, te enseña a conducir de manera mas segura y todo en un ambiente divertido y distendido. Simon es una persona dinámica, empatica, divertida y con muchos conocimientos que sabe hacerte llegar. Por todo ello, diria que realizar classes con él, es una experiencia 100% recomendable.

Kawasaki Z800 -Spain Licence 2015

🇬🇧 mind blowing techniques and ideas. I had a great day. 😎👌

I had a great day out riding with Simon. His advice was clear and precise and I received some great tips for riding smoother and safer. I highly recommend whatever level of rider you are..

Triumph Scrambler- UK Licence 2012

Know Your Machine Slide experience is Know your
  Tyres   Braking System   Fluids   Electrical   Suspension   Drive & Cables   Bearings
Control Slide experience is Develop your
  Balance   Acceleration   Braking   Steering Vs Lean   Weight Vs Movement   Practical Manoeuvres   Machine Set-Up
Roads & Highways Slide experience is Road
  Danger Vs Probability   Legality Vs Safety   Awareness Vs Evasion   Planing Vs Position   Observations Vs Decisions   Presumption Vs Reality   Highways Vs Country Lanes Vs Motorways
Knowledge is Power

Advance Rider Course


You’ve done your research, spoken to all you biker fiends. You have even purchased your motorcycle and decided now is the time to take the plunge after a long absence. It’s an amazing feeling. Welcome back my friend! Why this Advanced Motorcycle Course, Firstly, you’re no longer driving a car and motorcycles have a very unique relationship with traffic. Secondly, motorcycle technology has moved on so much in the last few years, acceleration, weight, tyres, brakes and suspension. Thirdly, let’s sprinkle your reaction time and reflex to this recipe and I am sure you will agree a Advanced Motorcycle Course is a wise choice.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira


You have accumulated thousands of miles, but somehow you still feel apprehensive as you approach that bend. Your either too fast or too slow, your eyes stay fixated on the wrong target. Your gearing needs improvement and every cell in your body reminds you of the damp wet surface you’re riding on. The tension in your body is crippling and the stress in your mind is paralysing. At this point most rational humans would give up, but you, you LOVE the ride too much and you know there’s a better way. There is, MotoIntell Advanced Motorcycle Course.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira


You got your licence, you got your motorcycle, you purchased all the kit and have been building up the miles every chance you get. You feel there’s something missing, something your old Instructor never tough you when training for your road licence. Well, your perception is correct. You see, at the time of your test you only had one objective in mind and that was to past a driving test. That training served you well but it’s time to move forward with an Advanced Motorcycle Course.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira

Advanced Motorcycle Training Barcelona

1-Day Advanced Rider Course

Road Ride Itinerary

• 09-1000 Arrival & Introduction
• 10-1100 Machine awareness
• 11-1200 Rider assessment
• 12-1300 Feedback & Lunch
• 13-1700 Remedial advice & road ride
• 17-1800 completion with feedback & Advice

2-Day Advanced Rider Course

Class & Road Itinerary

Day 1 Class
• MotoCare Course
• Road Theory Awareness
Day 2 Road
• Rider Assessments
• Road Ride, Remedial Feedback & Advice


ALL OUR PAYMENT OPTIONS include GoPro Filming Files

  • 1 - Day Course BARCELONA Enhanced Rider Scheme
  • 149
    • Max 3:1 teaching ratio.
    • Rider history.
    • Objectives and goals.
    • Rider development plan.
    • Effective braking.
    • Filtering.
    • Motorway, Dual carriage ways.
    • Carrying passenger and loads.
    • Riding for work.
    • Riding abroad.
    • Group riding.
    • Biker down accident management.
    • Extra option for a 1:1 private lesson.
  • 2 - Day Course BARCELONA Enhanced Rider Scheme
  • 249
    •   Day 1 classroom MotoCare Course Max 6:1.
    • Tyres & Braking System
    • Fluids & Electrical
    • Suspension
    • Drive Cables
    • Bearings
    • Buying & Selling
    • Equipment expertise
    • Understand the Risks
    • Road craft theory lessons
    • Psychology of riding
    •   Day 2 road ride session Max 2:1.
    • All elements from the 1-day Training course.


There is a difference between teaching and learning. Teaching is showing whilst learning is doing and I am only successful if I get you to learn. If anything, I want to inspire you and awaken your curiosity. I want you to think beyond what you believe are your limits and discover new talents you never though existed.


Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Satuday: 10am to 2pm
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+44 0771 459 8283
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