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Barcelona Motorcycle Experience is the perfect Motorcycle course. Location, roads, weather, motorbikes and more importantly inspiring learning with memories that will last you for a lifetime.

the best motorcycle roads in Europe.

Barcelona Motorcycle Experience is the perfect advanced motorcycle course. So many advantages in one place. Amazing location, incredible roads, a wonderful selection of motorbikes and more importantly inspiring learning.

The course is designed to give you the perfect mixture of learning advanced riding techniques coupled with an unforgettable motorcycle holiday experience. Whether you are a novice rider or Experienced we guarantee you that MotoIntell’s Barcelona Motorcycle Experience Course will develop you’re riding whilst in one of the best motorcycle settings Europe has to offer.


Catalunya and its surrounding area are the perfect location for riding. This incredible area just elevates this advanced riding course to yet another level. Unbelievable motorcycling roads, incredible weather, amazing nightlife, laid back beach culture & a passion for motorcycling hardly matched anywhere in Europe if not the planet. You will finish your course by having experienced the best training at the best location. Moreover, you will have gained motorcycle skills that will stay with you forever.


By the end of your Barcelona Motorcycle Experience, you will have not only gained valuable motorcycle skills that will guide you for a lifetime. But a new understanding of what it is to ride a motorcycle safely without sacrificing the fun and enjoyment you crave for every time you go for a ride.

Our aim is to elevate your riding and give you a blueprint to enable you to continue to develop well after you have completed your training.

Our MotoIntell Barcelona Motorcycle Experience is more than just a course. It’s a fraternity of riders who have a passion for their art.


The incredible twisty roads of Catalunya are best enjoyed with no excess. What we mean is, no luggage box, no nets, no cumbersome extras weighing you down. The Catalan roads deserve better. They cry out for riders free to move, free to lean, free to accelerate and decelerate. Moreover, you need to be free to move if you are to learn and gain confidence on your motorcycle. So, once you arrive in Barcelona. Drop-off all your excess kit at the apartment and let’s ride.

Come join us and together let us elevate your riding skill to another level. Welcome to Barna!

Just some of the elements we cover

Know Your Machine Slide experience is Know your
  Tyres   Braking System   Fluids   Electrical   Suspension   Drive & Cables   Bearings
Control Slide experience is Develop your
  Balance   Acceleration   Braking   Steering Vs Lean   Weight Vs Movement   Practical Manoeuvres   Machine Set-Up
Roads & Highways Slide experience is Road
  Danger Vs Probability   Legality Vs Safety   Awareness Vs Evasion   Planing Vs Position   Observations Vs Decisions   Presumption Vs Reality   Highways Vs Country Lanes Vs Motorways
Knowledge is Power

Fly/Ride-in Course


You’ve done your research, spoken to all you biker fiends. You have even purchased your motorcycle and decided now is the time to take the plunge after a long absence. It’s an amazing feeling. Welcome back my friend! Why this Advanced Motorcycle Course, Firstly, you’re no longer driving a car and motorcycles have a very unique relationship with traffic. Secondly, motorcycle technology has moved on so much in the last few years, acceleration, weight, tyres, brakes and suspension. Thirdly, let’s sprinkle your reaction time and reflex to this recipe and I am sure you will agree a Advanced Motorcycle Course is a wise choice.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira


You have accumulated thousands of miles, but somehow you still feel apprehensive as you approach that bend. Your either too fast or too slow, your eyes stay fixated on the wrong target. Your gearing needs improvement and every cell in your body reminds you of the damp wet surface you’re riding on. The tension in your body is crippling and the stress in your mind is paralysing. At this point most rational humans would give up, but you, you LOVE the ride too much and you know there’s a better way. There is, MotoIntell Advanced Motorcycle Course.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira


You got your licence, you got your motorcycle, you purchased all the kit and have been building up the miles every chance you get. You feel there’s something missing, something your old Instructor never tough you when training for your road licence. Well, your perception is correct. You see, at the time of your test you only had one objective in mind and that was to past a driving test. That training served you well but it’s time to move forward with an Advanced Motorcycle Course.

Senior Instructor
Simon Moreira
Barcelona Motorcycle Experience

Countdown to our next course

Barcelona 7-day Advanced

MotoIntell Academy training extras

Barcelona 7-Day Advanced

Barcelona Motorcycle Experience 7-DAY Itinerary

Day 0

Welcome to BARNA!

  • Stress-free, peace of mind free airport picks up at Barcelona El Pratt airport.
  • Check-in with our accommodation is after 1400, but we can hold onto luggage in case of early arrival.
  • Arrival dinner in Barcelona & Receive your MotoIntell welcome pack.

Day 1

Classroom Session

  • Start time of 0900 at our classroom in Poblenou, Barcelona.
  • Morning session MotoCare Course looking into the functions of a motorcycle and how it all comes together.
  • Afternoon session road ride towards Tibidabo for an Individual rider assessment report.

Day 2

On-Site Training Day

  • Onsite training day at the MotoGP Circuit de Catalunya. (FIA grade 1 facility)
  • Classroom elements covering rider psychology, road awareness & machine control.
  • Personal tour plus 2 Sighting laps of the circuit with opportunities for photos.

Day 3

North East Practice Route

  • Putting into practice what we have learned from previous classroom sessions we have a full days road ride training heading towards “Cala Salions”.
  • Using Road network GI-682 one of the top 5 motorbike roads in Europe.
  • Amazing lunch stop overlooking the roughed coastline.

Day 4

North West Practice Route

  • Continuing our training programme from the previous day we head out on another road ride training day heading towards “Panta de Foix” & “Prades”.
  • Using a road network through a natural park with some of THE BEST motorcycling roads you will ever ride in your life.

Day 5

Rest Day in Barcelona

  • This day is your day, a chance to go and explore Barcelona or dive deeper into Catalunya.
  • Your choice, you can continue your riding through the mountains, spend the day at rest on the beach or even go discover the city of Barcelona with our amazing visitor recommendations.

Day 6

Motocross Day Barcelona

  • Brand news 250cc motocross bikes, all the equipment, safety briefing and an amazing track to test out your riding skills on a loose surface.
  • Farewell dinner in Barcelona with a presentation of course certificates and some special prizes and awards that you might not expect.

Day 7

Check Out Day

  • Sadly departure day, we will arrange for airport transfers at Barcelona El Pratt Airport so no stress.
  • if your accommodation has been booked via MotoIntell please be aware that Check out will be by 1200. (we can hold onto luggage for late departures)
  • If you wish to extend your motorcycle hire or accommodation just let us know at the time of booking and we will do everything to make this possible.
Barcelona 7-day Courses

available dates in jun, jul, aug, sep & oct

  • Barcelona 7-day Courses: from
  • £ 999
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There is a difference between teaching and learning. Teaching is showing whilst learning is doing and I am only successful if I get you to learn. If anything, I want to inspire you and awaken your curiosity. I want you to think beyond what you believe are your limits and discover new talents you never though existed.


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